The Edna Gladney Home

Posted by Gladney Center on Feb 27, 2017 12:55:20 PM
Feb 27, 2017

Edna Gladney Home

January starts a new year for the Gladney Center for Adoption (formerly known as the Edna Gladney Home) in more ways than one—in addition to kicking off 2017, it marks Gladney’s 130th anniversary. This is a BIG year to celebrate!

Since 1887, Gladney’s name & location have changed several times, & our adoption and post adoption services have grown & adapted to meet the changing needs of the expectant moms, birth parents, children, & adoptive families we serve. What has stayed the same is our commitment to our mission of Creating Bright Futures through Adoption.

Over 130 years, we have learned a lot from you, the Gladney Family. However you are involved & connected to Gladney, we are grateful for you. Thank you for sharing your lives, stories, questions, gifts, hearts, & time with us. Because of you, we are able to continue to share with others what adoption is like today & where we’re going.  

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