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Searching For An American Adoption Agency?

We might be a little biased, but we know a pretty good one. Gladney is definitely our favorite American adoption agency, but it’s really the birth mothers who we love that can tell you the most about it. Here’s what women, maybe women like you, who have found themselves pregnant, alone, and afraid, have experienced through their partnership with Gladney:

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2 Adoption Stories To Read

Jessica. When Jessica was very young, her parents separated and went through a long and ugly legal battle before her father took custody of both her and her brother. Though her father tried to care for his children, he was never able to consistently hold a job, and Jessica’s small family ended up homeless. After many years of this, Jessica’s father decided he wanted something different and sent Jessica and her brother to live with their mother. Shortly after this, he committed suicide. Jessica’s mom, who had struggled with addiction, ran off, and Jessica and her brother found themselves on their own, caring for themselves.

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