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Kami's Adoption Journey

Birth mother, Kami, recently answered questions about the adoption plan she made for her child as well as how she feels about adoption today.

Q. Kami, is there a specific memory that sticks out in your mind about your Gladney adoption story. How did you feel, and what did it mean to you?

Five years ago, I placed my daughter. You’d think what stuck out the most would be the day I signed the papers, but it’s not. The day I remember vividly is meeting the adoptive parents. We were all nervous I’m sure. I remember being in a sea of people just watching and waiting to see if I saw the faces that I had watched on repeat from their “about me” video. That’s when they walked in, both tall, gorgeous and exactly what I expected. I remember the Christmas trees that were around us in the restaurant and the Christmas tree that was in the giant snow globe they gifted me, it still sits out every year and will now be a way to incorporate adoption into every Christmas. I remember standing outside after lunch and asking the adoptive mom if she would be in the delivery room. I remember the tears and the pain and joy all in one single moment. If there was ever a moment that described adoption perfectly that was it—beautiful, full of love, and full of pain.

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A Word from Katie, A Birth Mother

Dear Mama,

I know times are unsettling. You’d think I mean the world around you right now, but I’ve been in your shoes before and I, actually, mean I know your world is unsettling right now. I cannot imagine the added worry that you face being pregnant in today’s COVID-19 climate. But what I do know, is that you are strong. I don’t know what brought you to adoption, but I can tell you from my story, my main reason was always because I love my children so much, that I set them up for a different life than I could give them. But my love never wavers, it in fact grows as an outcome of our story. I see them blossoming into amazing young adults. They are funny, smart, talented, and such loving kids. I could have never imagined the full reality of where they are today, when I was talking to them through my belly. You see, while the beginning seems like the hardest and longest part, for me it was just a bittersweet season in the lifelong journey. I was scared, hurting, and felt alone sometimes. But I am strong, and I pulled through because I wanted to for them. I don’t know your story, but I want you to know that I have been daily thinking of you. My heart is with you and I hope you know that you are not alone, there is a sisterhood of birth mothers who support and applaud your strength, courage, and emotions. When you feel alone, tell baby all about the dreams you have for them. I know they are just as big as the dreams I have for you.

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Giving a Baby Up For Adoption Stories

There is no easy choice for an unplanned pregnancy. You have many options such as marriage, single parenting, abortion, and adoption. Nonetheless, each alternative can seem frightening. Now more than ever we want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Many women have walked the same path you face today. When considering giving a baby up for adoption, stories from real-life can provide very helpful insights when weighing the alternatives. 

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Toddler Adoption

Parenting a newborn infant or a toddler can be very challenging. Gladney understands the unique challenges you may face daily as you care for your child. We understand how difficult it can be to afford food, clothing, diapers and even housing.   Often parenting can feel overwhelming and lonely, but please know there is help.  Lisa shares her story of utilizing Gladney's Rest & Respite program and how toddler adoption worked for her.

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