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Making An Adoption Plan For Your Baby

Next Steps

Gladney's Next Steps Program goes beyond the basics of the adoption process by empowering expectant moms with resources and skills that will benefit them in their education and careers long-term. Because of supporters of our Next Steps program, we are able to not only assist expectant moms in making an adoption plan for their babies, but also in making a life plan for themselves.

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Adoption In Texas Through Gladney

Have you been doing internet searching for places to help you do an adoption in Texas? The Gladney Center for Adoption, an non-profit agency that has been creating bright futures through adoption for over 130 years, will assist you in Texas or whatever state you live in.

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Adoptions: The In's and Out's of the Adoption Process

If you’re pregnant, you’ve got options, and adoption is one of them. But adoptions can be confusing. How do adoptions work? What will my baby think of being adopted? What will my baby think of me? How do I know my baby’s adoptive parents will take good care of my child? Let us put your fears to rest by answering these and other questions for you:

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Abortion and Adoption: When Faced with an Unplanned Pregnancy

Abortion and Adoption Decision

This was exactly the situation Cari found herself in. During her senior year in high school, Cari was accepted to Texas Tech University. However, she decided to stay in her hometown in order to be close to her boyfriend. It was crushing for Cari when this boyfriend soon left her. She started dating around and living recklessly, but Cari felt in her heart that the way she was living wasn’t good. She just didn’t know how to change.

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