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Parent Profiles - Alexis + Rob

Parent Profiles - Rob & Alexis


We are Alexis and Rob. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. Adoption has provided us with a wonderful chance to make our family complete. We realize what a wonderful gift adopting a child is, and we would be forever grateful to you for choosing us to raise your child. We understand that this may be a difficult decision for you, and we want you to feel secure in knowing that we will love this child unconditionally. Always.

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The Step-by-Step Adoption Process

If you're not sure where your life is taking you at this moment, you are not alone. Many people out there feel lost without a plan and aren't sure if adoption is the right plan for them. I'm here to tell you adoption changed my life for the better, and it will change your life too. I'm a Gladney baby and very proud of the choice my birth mother made, even though it was hard.

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