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Marcy + Kevin's Adoption Profile

Posted by Gladney Center on May 24, 2017 2:00:00 PM
May 24, 2017

What kind of life do you envision for your baby? What are some values that are important to you? What kind of things do you want him or her to grow up doing? It's very important to think about these and other questions because, at Gladney, the choice of who parents your child is entirely in your hands. This way, you will be sure to pick parents that will provide the kind of life you want for your child.

Adoption Profile - Kevin & Marcy Want To AdoptIf you are looking for a loving, active, loyal family that will celebrate your child's every achievement, then this is an adoption profile you have to look at. Marcy and Kevin have been together for 25 years (!) and they already have a lot of parenting experience. Their two teenage boys, Jack and Gavin, are good natured, kind-hearted, and thoughtful young men. Jack and Gavin have grown up watching their father, Kevin, interact with his two older brothers who were 11 and 14 years older than him. Because of this, Jack and Gavin are tremendously thrilled about becoming loving, big brothers just like their uncles.

This family is always doing something exciting, and celebrations are a big deal at their home. Whether it's attending a sporting event, playing games together at home, traveling to a new place, or attending a show in New York City, Marcy and Kevin and their sons are always doing something that enriches their lives and brings them closer together as a family. A life in this home would be filled with great love, excitement, and constant support.

Visit their adoption profile to learn more about the exciting day-to-day activities of this family and then reach out to one of our Options Counselors for steps on how to get started on your adoption journey.

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