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Posted by Gladney Center on Jan 22, 2017 8:30:00 PM
Jan 22, 2017

ParentProfiles - Kristen + Rich


ParentProfiles - Kristen & RichOur goal is to help the kids in our lives understand what is expected and motivate them to do the right thing. We will approach raising our baby with love, patience and a strong reassurance that they are capable of being whoever and whatever they want to be in life. We have already saved the money to provide our child with a college education and are excited to help them recognize their gifts.

About Kristen, Written By Rich

Kristen is an amazing person that makes everyone around her feel special. Kristen's gift to make you feel special is how I fell in love with her. She makes me believe that I can accomplish anything. It is a wonderful feeling. Kristen is an amazing mother to our son, Gus. She showers Gus with love and encouragement. She is an amazing cook, loves dancing and is an avid gardener. All kids love Kristen. Our neighbors, nieces and children of family friends love coming to our house to spend time with her.

ParentProfiles - Kristen & RichShe is such a great planner of activities for kids whether it be swimming, playing games or putting on music for the kids to do a fashion show. Everyone has a great time and everyone feels so special. Kristen being a part of my life is the best thing to happen to me. And I know Kristen has so much more energy and love to give another child as our family grows. She will make them feel so special that he/she can do anything that he/she wants to do in life.

About Rich, Written By Kristen

Rich is my best friend. I enjoy being with him whether we are traveling to a new place or just sitting on the sofa watching TV. Most people who know my husband say the same thing, he is special. I could tell soon after we met. He is smart, loving, kind, strong and most of all he makes me laugh. At our wedding my father gave a toast and it brought tears to my eyes (and his) when he said that Rich was the kind of man that all dads pray their daughters will marry.

ParentProfiles - Rich & KristenHe is trustworthy & the kind of guy that friends know they can lean on when they need help. These are some of the qualities that make him such an amazing father. Rich makes me feel special every day with his words and his actions. Just like his grandfather did for his grandmother, he leaves me little notes by my keys or purse, just to remind me that I am loved. He is a true gentleman. He buys me flowers and opens doors for me. He is a true partner who helps out around the house with things like dishes and laundry. He encourages me to be my best and always tells me how smart and beautiful I am. I appreciate this in him not only because it makes me feel loved, but because I know he will help to foster that same feeling of self-confidence and love in our children.

Rich is an amazing father. He is kind and patient and giving of his time and attention. He constantly encourages our son to try new things. He is a hands on dad, sharing responsibilities with me so that we can show our children that we are truly partners. Rich came from loving and supportive family. His mother says that he was always very adventurous as a child. He is still adventurous and enjoys things like swimming, skiing, golf, traveling and spending time with friends and family. Rich is patient and caring. He lives his life by example and is a strong role model for those around him. Rich is an amazing husband and father.

About Gus

ParentProfiles - Gladney Center for AdoptionGus was born in March 2015. He is a fun and determined little boy. Gus is sweet and happy and always on the go! He loves to listen to music, read books and play outside. He especially loves playing with other children and our dog and cat. Gus is full of joy and energy and we just know he will be a great big brother. We've always dreamed of having children close in age so we hope to add to our family very soon!

Our Home

We live in a safe and well established neighborhood filled with other young families. The elementary school is ranked as one of the best in the state and is just a few blocks from our house. Our house is on a beautiful park filled with tall trees, bike trails, walking paths, playgrounds and creeks, lots of fun places to explore with kids. Our children's youth will be filled with lots of outdoor play and exploration in a beautiful and safe neighborhood.

We have one dog, Henry and one cat, Radar. They are a special part of our family and they are best friends. Henry is calm and gentle and is great around kids. Radar is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. He loves to cuddle and purr.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We would be thrilled if you found in us the qualities you're looking for in adoptive parents. And, please know that your child will know from infancy the special way he or she came into our lives. We would be honored to welcome your baby into our home and family. We would love to get to know you more and answer any questions you may have about us. We pray, as you continue in your adoption plan, that God will guide you to the perfect adoptive parents!

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