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I'm Pregnant and Looking for a Lubbock Adoption Center

Posted by Gladney Center on Jun 30, 2017 1:41:00 PM
Jun 30, 2017

An unexpected pregnancy can make you feel really afraid. In this time of uncertainty, you want a place you can go to that will give you options, care, and relief. The Gladney Center is just one of those places. Many of the women that we've counseled have said that when they walked through the doors at Gladney, they just knew that adoption was the right choice for them because Gladney made them feel like they were home.

What is your situation like? Do you have a home to go to? If you are pregnant, unsure about parenting, and in need of a place to live, Gladney can help you. We have a beautiful dormitory where we house many expectant women who are considering the option of adoption. In our dorm, you'll have access to nutritious meals, a comfortable bedroom, medical care, dental care, educational opportunities, and much more. The Gladney Dorm is a safe and highly secure living space where you can experience love from Gladney staff and support from other women just like you–frightened, pregnant, and in need of compassion and security.

Lubbock Adoption With Gladney Center for Adoption 

If you would like more information about the Gladney Dorm or if you would like to learn more about the other ways Gladney offers aid and support to women like you, call an options counselor today.

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