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Xena. I Am A Birth Mother.

Xena is a loving and charismatic person but most importantly, a strong woman. She unfortunately had to face the struggles of being a single parent and placing her second child for adoption. Placing her child for adoption was the hardest thing she has ever done. Even so, all Xena wanted was the absolute best for her.

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Options For An Unplanned Pregnancy

Speak To A Counselor

The decision of what to do after finding out about an unplanned pregnancy is not easy. However, there are many options that you can consider. Rushing towards a decision will only lead to more stress and uncertainty. Make sure you know and think about your options and give consideration to this important decision. With this, you will become more confident and certain. You will also be better prepared for the future of what is in store for you and your baby. There are many options to consider such as marriage, single parenting, adoption, and abortion. Make sure you know the positives and negatives surrounding each option.

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Looking Into Adoption After Giving Birth

If you are a birth parent considering adoption for your child, start with research about the adoption process. Reach out and contact an Options Counselor. They can give you information surrounding adoption through phone calls, live chats, emails, or by filling out a contact form. Talking to an Options Counselor does not mean that you have decided on adoption. However, it is beneficial to talk to someone who cares for you and your child’s well-being and can help if you are going through a difficult time.

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