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Andrea Schwarz - Oklahoma Regional Adoption Caseworker

Posted by Gladney Center on Jul 15, 2015 4:31:00 PM
Jul 15, 2015

Meet Andrea Schwarz, Oklahoma Regional Adoption Caseworker

Talk With Andrea Schwarz About Unplanned Pregnancy OptionsWhat is your role as Regional Adoption Caseworker?

I work with expectant parents across the state of Oklahoma.  I counsel with women on options for their unplanned pregnancy, help them make the decision that is right for them and their baby, while also helping them identify their goals and desires for their future and find resources to help achieve those goals.  I ensure my clients have a safe place to live, access to medical care for their pregnancy, and assist with any other needs they have.  In addition, I conduct home studies and post placement follow up visits with adoptive families in Oklahoma.  Another aspect of my job is to connect with and educate community partners about the option of adoption.  This might include pregnancy resource centers, OBGYN offices, or schools.  A new role which I am very passionate about is collaborating with the Oklahoma State Department of Human Services to help find families for the hundreds of Oklahoma children who are in foster care and need a forever, loving family to call their own.  Please ask to get to know more about these deserving children!   

What do enjoy about your job? 

I consider it an honor to walk beside women planning adoption and am thankful for each one of these women for trusting me to help them through such a brave and difficult decision.  I also enjoy when I have the opportunity to educate others about adoption and the choices women and families have.  I have worked for The Gladney Center for over ten years and feel very fortunate for each adoption story I have gotten to be a part of.   

What does adoption mean to you?

Adoption has touched me personally!  I am the proud aunt of two adopted nieces.  These sweet girls and their birth mothers are celebrated and cherished every day!

What do you wish others knew about adoption? 

I want others to know adoption is the ultimate act of LOVE.  I want expectant mothers to know adoption is a loving option and they have so many choices including choosing the adoptive family and the type of relationship they want with the family.  By choosing a family for her child, a woman is making a plan for her child’s life, a plan that includes her child is raised in a loving home by two parents who you ready and able to meet the child’s every need.  Each adoption plan is unique and customized by what the expectant mother wants.  For families considering adoption, I encourage them to think about the difference they can make in a child’s life and that every child deserves a family, no matter their age or background.  

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