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Adoption Profiles: Rich & Kristen

Posted by Gladney Center on Nov 8, 2016 4:08:00 PM
Nov 08, 2016

After you start thinking about adoption for your baby, one of your next steps is probably to find an adoptive family for your child.  Many families that want to adopt have create adoption profiles as an introduction into their lives.  They share photos and a letter talking about why they want to adopt, what they look forward to about parenting a child, what they love about each other, etc. 

Take a look at Rich and Kristen's online profile.  

Adoption Profiles

They always knew that adoption would be a part of our family's story. Before they were married, they discussed their desire to share their lives with a child that was not theirs biologically. Even though they don't know you yet, they already love you and your baby. Your brave choice is a gift to their family that they will honor and cherish for the rest of their lives. They are humbled by your bravery and strength. View their video and online adoption profile.

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