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Adoption Waiting Families - Kevin + Marcy

Jun 11, 2017

Some high schools promote a list of school values. Sometimes sports teams will create these lists, too. As you search for adoption waiting families, you'll notice that some families create a list of family values that they want to make sure they model in their family–to each other and to other people.

Adoptin Waiting Families - Kevin + MarcyFor example, Kevin and Marcy's core family values are faith, love, kindness, and courage. Every day Kevin, Marcy, and their two sons practice these values by supporting each other in their activities and encouraging one another when they are down or upset. They spend time celebrating one another, not just because of their successes and achievements, but also just because they love and value each other. They also spend time serving their community together. They believe it's important to push themselves and each other to step out of their comfort zones and push their limits. They are definitely a kind, loving, courageous bunch.

Kevin and Marcy are just one of many families looking to adopt. View their profile or other parent profiles.

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