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Adoption Profiles Gladney: Brett and KerriLynn

Feb 01, 2017

One of the steps you'll take as you make an adoption plan for your child is to select an adoptive family.  View adoption profiles Gladney has online to see many of the pre-screened families available.

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Today, we'd like to introduce you to Brett and KerriLynn.  

Adoption Profiles Gladney

Adoptive parents, KerriLynn and Brett, are ecstatic to start the adventure of growing their family. They have expanded their hearts and their love, and now they’re just waiting for you. Watch their video to hear about the loving, encouraging, and happy future they have envisioned for your child.


If you'd like to  learn more about this sweet couple or to just talk to an Options Counselor about your options through adoption, please call or text 800-452-3639 today.  We're here to listen and to help.


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